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Best sativa strain out there in my opinion

This is the only product that I have found that completely gets rid of physical symptoms from MS, I can think and have a clear head to function normally, without feeling too high or out of control. Please tell me where I can get this product I previously got it at the 420 store in Olympia, WA. Thanks, Cheryl

Don't drink all at once if you're a beginner. These things hit harder than edibles but last about half as long. My favorite weed product by far, tastes amazing.

It did nothing to me I took 3 and nothing happened it just made me hungry. Not to happy with this product.

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Review Image

Woah! ????????

It helped sleep good and when I woke up I had no back pain.

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Took 2 waited 4hrs didn’t feel shit ???? waist of money

Looking forward to b purchasing for a gift for my fiance, plus we love Snoop Dogg,

Looking forward to b purchasing for a gift for my fiance,

I got so high I loved these calmed my nerves sooo much. Can’t find the site my bf got them though!! Ugh ????

Definitely one of the stronger, more immersive strains I’ve tried. The onset is pretty quick with a nice body high. Increased appetite but no overeating like with certain indicas or indica heavy hybrids. Smells like earthy lemon candy and while it wasn’t in whole flower when purchased (Purchased in New York with medcard so it comes preground in a pod) the pieces were still dense and very resinous

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