This was dangerous, outrageous smoke. One toke from a "New York needle" pin joint was enough to send people falling down staircases, start spinning so hard that they vomited, and even lose their balance like my best friend who fell forward into a brick wall, smashed his eyeglasses, and hit the cement. All from one, tiny toke. I loved that smoke and explored deep space with/within it. Wacky weed was known to me as "Candybar". My Colombian friend's source was an old-time grower from Neiva, Colombia. Candybar came so black and compacted in one ounce "bars" that it looked like hash and had very little if any leaf or vegetable matter. The plants it came from were not annuals. These mother plants were many years old and treasured by the rare few individuals that had access to the herb they produced. In 1973 it sold for $100.00 an ounce, an outrageous price for those days, to only a select few who were privy to this highest quality, professional Colombian growers' personal stash weed.