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I'm saddened to report a HUGE slip up on the behalf of Jetty extracts... I never want it to come to this. But push me hard enough, and..... please read on. This gets evil! (Look, I get it... I am a bit difficult to deal with. Let's face it, what is wrong, is wrong... and if something isn't right, I am going to say something. Many in our industry still act like its black market. You need to stop. This is real world people... Especially when this scenario led to a patient who took such offense, they felt the need to block the Jetty rep from contacting them. "Harassment" is the exact word used by the patient. Our patients have encountered one problem after another with Jetty carts, no matter .5g or .7g, Pures and/or Golds, old plastic carts with plastic tips, as well as the new glass carts, w/wooden tips. There have been many carts returned, there have been many dollars lost (on our end) and many complaints about the product sold by Jetty. We have brought one issue after another to the rep's attention, literally many times (too many to count)... and usually, she's pretty cool about taking care of it, until tonight! We've made one trip after another to swap out broken Jetty carts for new carts... It's to the point that our staff is done with it. And now, SO AM I! Saturday evening, we were contacted by a patient who ordered from us and she informed us that she had a broken Jetty cart...from a previous order. (This came after receiving a poor review on our card services, not for poor services... but for a nonworking Jetty cart. When I saw the review, I emailed Jetty (as the rep informed me to start emailing our inquiries to the company). I was clear in telling the rep, that I don't email much... there is too much spam sent these days, we cant keep up with it. I was clear in stating, please contact me by phone. Nothing ever came of it). Hopefully this time we (both the patient and I) can receive a phone call with an explanation as to what is happening within the Jetty community. I informed the rep of the first broken cart. It took her an hour to reply, but the patient was steadfast in receiving a solution. Now! We are happy to fix the problem... In our mission statement/about us page (the very first line... if you're not completely satisfied, please inform us, we will fix it "immediately"). But to replace the broken cart with another Jetty cart which is very likely to crap out again.... kinda like putting a band-aid on something just for it to break, bleed and gush all over again...(Einstein's definition of insanity... I was owning it) Thanks, Jetty. By the time the rep replied back, we learned that the two newly sold Jetty Gold carts, purchased by the same patient did not work as expected, they simply didn't meet the patient's standards. Now we have 3 broken carts (to go along with a container full of more broken Jetty carts to return). The rep told me she wanted to handle this situation (as she has done great before in fixing the problem)... but not tonight. The rep went on to tell the patient a bunch of lies that were rather disgusting in many ways. First, she went off and told the patient the price point of the carts when sold wholesale to our club. WOAH! YOU GOT BALLS! Then she told the patient that the carts are over 1 year old... which is correct, some of them (about 5%). BTW, this patient didn't buy any of the old carts we have in stock... wooden tips/glass carts just released. If the medicine is stored PROPERLY at 60°F refer in the dark, stored in a plastic container for additional protection, (even stored standing upside down) why wouldn't it last for many years to come? If there is an expiration date.... why not add it? She even had the nerve to say that we specifically hunt out broken carts to purchase and sell off to our patients. Sorry, wrong club Luna. "put down the cool-aid" The rep also went off and said, word for word the discussion we just had on the phone...which was meant to remain between the two of us. Then, all of a sudden she had a moment "diarrhea of the mouth/text syndrome"! The Jetty rep even had the nerve to step out of bounds and assume that we are illegally operating... yet as we have been instructed, a club may function under prop 420; medicine from a medicinal club to a medicinal patient is completely legal for 2018 as we've been instructed by Attorney Raiche. If we had not received our rec license and chose to work with another club that is for rec use... that would be illegal. If we sold to a rec patient, again... ILLEGAL. But under Prop SB 420, we remain protected, according to our attorney Esq. Raiche. (Perhaps this rep just wants to see our small "family run business" in which she is well aware due to her Jetty inefficiencies) Why else shake 'em in front of everyone? The Jetty rep was a bit psycho with her non-stop texting rampage to this patient, to the point the patient said she had to ignore the rep. The patient said she is scared going forward, due to the rep knowing her home address. She went on and called the situation very unprofessional. This all came out when my driver called back and told us word for word, in a twisted sense the version of the reps point of view of the (convo on the phone) that we just had... Wow, this was literally like playing the grade school game "operator"... it went from 4 sets of lips to 4 sets of ears nearly word for word, was repeated by the driver, from the patient, from the rep's mouth, from our original conversation. Not one solution, but pointing the finger as she had none to blame on her own company. The driver said the patient was clear about how accommodating I was towards her misfortune, while Jetty rep had better things to be doing than fixing a messed up situation. BTW, I get that there is a protocol for the carts to touch nicely on the battery plate from time to time... but this is almost every order. Who's got the time to address each sale of Jetty carts each time this happens? It only happens with Jetty. We have never received one call back from a bad Legion of Bloom, cart nor Eureka Vapor cart, not Sunderstorm carts not even Bloom Farms carts...if protocol needs to happen this frequently... shouldn't there be something on the packaging to inform the patient of the glitchy plates inside? Perhaps you should think about providing proper instructions on how to perform surgery on the new cart "with style". It is unfortunate that we are trying to help people in their healing needs... yet certain Jetty reps have the audacity to text/harass patients to no end... SNOWBALLING the ISSUE even more! Please BEWARE of the lackluster Jetty extracts team. They don't care! Jetty, perhaps its time to review your hoyty toyty packaging and invest in better quality carts! There should be an investigation on this company... how they treat patients. As well, a complaint to the BBB for faulty carts the keep setting us back. We've come close to returning the carts in previous breakages... but we felt like Jetty was doing something really positive, something right with their campaign of "one for you, one for cancer". Guess we were wrong. You know Mr. Manager... your call can wait til Monday, but my post couldn't wait til Monday. Our club is sitting on a bunch of these defects, in which we hope this will get the refund we've been requesting for some long long time. BBB here we come. Shame on you Jetty!

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